Prepaid Contractor

We are committed to protecting the rights of consumers.

We don't just provide construction services, we are building a community. Together we are building a brighter future for all Canadians!

Our goal is to become a leading general contractor in Alberta providing the highest quality of work along with excellent customer service.

TJ Construction Management Ltd. is a Prepaid Contractor by the Government of Alberta and Post Security under the Consumer Protection Act and Fair Trade Act (Licence #345326).

Will provide the consumer with:

  • A complete and detailed description of the work to be done, including blueprints (if appropriate).
  • The type and quality of materials to be used.
  • The project start and expected completion dates.
  • Itemized costs along with the total price.
  • A statement of any guarantees.
  • Any work that is to be subcontracted (such as plumbing and electrical).
  • A statement that identifies who is responsible for getting all necessary permits and ensuring that inspections and approvals by local authorities will be done at the proper times (The homeowner or designated prime contractor is ultimately responsible for making sure necessary permits are in place before work starts).
  • A statement that all work will be done according to local codes.
  • A clearly itemized payment schedule including any hold-back provisions under the Builders Lien Act.
  • A statement of all warranties explaining what is covered, for how long and what will be done if there are problems.
  • A Certificate of Insurance with 5 million dollars liability (including pollution).
  • A Clearance Certificate from the Workers Compensation Board.
  • An outline on how problems will be resolved.
  • The required method of payment.